Ginsberg Gingras has been working in insolvency since 1980. Over the years, more than 100,000 people have made use of our services to address their financial circumstances and deal with their debts.

Here are a few testimonials from people like you who have encountered difficult times prior to regaining their financial freedom through one of our solutions. While the testimonials below are genuine, people's names have been changed to protect their privacy.

I wish to thank you again for all the wonderful help, and the release of the stress I have been feeling due to your compassionate and understanding nature. Your warm and caring personality makes all the difference for someone like me that is going through this type of situation. Clara V.
This meeting allowed me to achieve a more optimistic view of my financial future. Thank you for your professionalism and for the respect your administrator showed towards me. All of my questions were answered in clear, straightforward and concrete terms. Above all, I will never forget how comfortable I felt discussing my debts with you. Thank you, Paul G.
Your services have made it possible for a man who is worried about the welfare of his family to feel more secure and that he has more control over his future. When someone is indebted, it is perceived as a failure. For someone like me, who was raised to feel pride, there is a feeling of shame when financial obligations are not met. The people at Ginsberg Gingras always made me feel that I had their respect and that they understood I was not in this situation by choice, but as a result of changes in my life. They made it clear to me that people ought not to be judged on their ability to repay their loans, but on what they are prepared to do to improve their circumstances. The opportunity I was given enabled me to take a great step forward and greatly improve the atmosphere for my family. I am prepared to follow your advice and to become the man I know I can be. Thank you very much! Trevor B
I am very much impressed by and highly appreciative of Ginsberg Gingras. I received very good advice and feel that I chose the right way of dealing with my personal finances. The reasons for which people call upon your services are never very pleasant, but from my very first meeting, I felt at ease. I was given a detailed explanation of the process and the options available to me. I must say that the members of your staff were always very courteous, friendly and considerate. I wish Ginsberg Gingras all the best in their future business dealings. Sincerely, Alfonso C.
Thank you very much for having taken the time to meet me. Even though no decisions have been made yet, I have been able to sleep better! Even though nothing is sure yet, I now believe that I will be able to get myself out of this without ruining my whole life. Thank you, Odette T.

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